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Photographs are absolutely key to selling a home today.

When searching for a new home most people first turn to the internet. The host of real estate websites make it easy for buyers to pick their desired location along with some other criteria and begin looking at photographs of their potential new home - all from the comfort of their couch.

Listings are easily passed by if they have dark and/or blurry photos, if the photos make the rooms look smaller than they really are, or if the home looks too confusing because the photographs don’t follow the natural flow. And listings without photos are usually skipped entirely!

All of that can be avoided by hiring a professional photographer, which may not be as expensive as you think. Contact me today to discuss your needs and ensure your listing isn’t passed because of bad photos! 

About Me

Photography has always been a love of mine and I strive to expand my knowledge as much as possible. I've been a member of Professional Photographers of America since 2013 and also volunteer my photography services to local and national organizations such as the Philadelphia Zoo (since 2008)  and the American Cancer Society (since 2015).

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